Patrick McCloskey

Patrick’s career in audio-visual production spans more than thirty years. In his early days working as a producer for Parks Canada in Ottawa and Winnipeg, he honed his skills in capturing images and telling stories about Canada’s diverse landscapes and peoples. Since establishing his own company in 1981, he has continued to work in the field of interpretive productions, as well as expanding into other subject areas and media, and into other regions of the world.

In broad terms, Patrick produces shows that tell stories about the natural or cultural world, or that deal with social or scientific themes. Whether it be for broadcast or for a museum or interpretive centre, his approach is to find ways of moving an audience. Often this means connecting with the emotional and aesthetic elements of the story – its heart – while at the same time honouring the other important content areas. It means careful attention to every production detail – from scripting, to shooting, to editing, to the production of a soundtrack that will help bring the story to life.

In the course of his productions, Patrick works closely with naturalists, archaeologists, museum curators, exhibit designers, historians and other specialists to determine the most important messages and the best medium for getting those messages across. He also works with architects in designing theatre layouts. His experience spans the tasks of writer, director, producer, videographer, editor and photographer. He works with composers and musicians in supervising the production of original soundtracks. Bilingual in English and French, he directs actors and narrators in voice-overs for productions in both languages.

Although working primarily in video, Patrick has experience in a range of other media. For example, as Coordinating Producer for the Mobility Pavilion at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany, he worked with production companies on several complex installations including "the world's longest film" (23 overlapping projectors on three 8 metre X 76 metre screens), and an installation with 44 hanging video monitors of varying sizes. He produced a show on pre-Islamic archaeology for the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia using the "ImageContinue" continuous film projection system on a 30 metre X 3 metre screen. He produced the first show in Western Canada for High Definition video, shot on 35mm film, featuring motion on stills created on an animation stand, combined with historic film footage. He has produced multi-media slide productions with up to 18 slide projectors, as well as a 16-monitor videowall production for Science World in Vancouver.

Patrick’s work has been honoured with many awards over the years, both nationally and internationally.

A detailed resumé is available on request.

Heather Walter

The thread tying together Heather’s diverse work experiences is her interest in finding creative ways of reaching out to people, in telling stories, and in making connections with the natural world. To her work with McCloskey Productions, Heather brings these passions, as well as her skills in writing and research, in communications, and in project management.

After earning a degree in Outdoor and Experiential Education from Queen's University, Heather began her career in the early eighties in Newfoundland. There, she worked in a variety of positions including Marine Education Coordinator for the Whale Research Group at Memorial University, Environmental Education Consultant for the provincial government, and as Program Director for a regional conservation group, the Atlantic Centre for the Environment. She has worked as a teacher, curriculum developer and education writer, teacher trainer, researcher, and administrator. She has written numerous books and curriculum materials in environmental education and science.

Heather also performs music with guitarist and songwriter Eric West, combining music and storytelling with interpretation about nature, culture, and history. Together they have produced radio and television specials, videos, and music CD’s. For these projects, Heather exercises her skills both on and off camera – in research and writing, and in hosting and performing on camera and radio. Over the course of her career, Heather has been recognized with a number of awards for her innovative work in combining education and the arts.

Heather met Patrick McCloskey at a national Interpretation Canada conference in Banff, Alberta in 1993. This marked the beginning of their partnership in life as well as work. Together they combine their personal and career interests, pursuing their dream of producing shows that will move and inspire people.

A detailed resumé is available on request.

Who we are

McCloskey Productions is made up of Patrick McCloskey & Heather Walter, and a talented roster of freelance specialists. Below are the resumés of Patrick McCloskey and Heather Walter.